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Caring for
Coconino County

A Vibrant Future For Coconino County

I’m Patrice Horstman and I have a vision of a vibrant, diverse and inclusive future for Coconino County. When Supervisor Art Babbott decided not to run for reelection, it was time to put my love for this community into action and run to be your next Coconino County Board of Supervisor for District 1.

I Believe In...

Economic Development

Advancing sustainable economies, job development and affordable housing

Quality Of Life

Prioritizing essential safety, social and health services and supporting public transportation


Supporting fiscal responsibility and transparency in county government

Forest Health

Maintaining forest health and watershed management

Local Control

Protecting local decision making and ensuring that our voice is heard


Promoting and preserving our diverse, multicultural communities

Public Education

Championing quality education for all

Environmental Stewardship

Fighting for public lands, open spaces and caring for the beauty of our region

I Am Ready

Over forty years of advocacy for public education, Native American communities, small businesses, nonprofits, public lands, and open spaces make me uniquely qualified to be the next Supervisor for Coconino County District 1.

I would appreciate your vote in the Democratic Primary on August 4, 2020 and in the General Election on November 3, 2020 so together we build a more vibrant Coconino County.