Patrice Horstman photo

Patrice has served on the Board of Supervisors for District 1 since her election to the board in 2020. She was elected Chair of the Board from February 2021 and served through August 2023.

Patrice demonstrated leadership through crisis during the County’s responses to COVID, the Museum Fire’s post wild-fire flooding in the Paradise, Grandview, and Sunnyside neighborhoods, and last year‘s Tunnel and Pipeline fires, resulting in more than 50 separate flooding events. Patrice led the Board during the passage of the Short Term Rental and Renewable Energy ordinances and in enacting greater Dark Sky protections. Patrice has led with integrity, compassion, comfort, and support to the community.

Patrice asks for your continued support and vote as together we create the Coconino County where we want to live and where we want to raise our children.

Patrice’s Priorities

My family, friends, community, and love for the great outdoors are central to my life and have shaped a commitment to public service, advocacy, and community engagement. My commitments are summed up by my “People, Peaks, and Pines” motto.

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