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A Fourth of July Like No Other

Given this pandemic, our Fourth of July will be like no other.  Many of us will miss the downtown parade, a concert at the Pepsi amphitheater, and music and fireworks at the Continental Country Club.  Some of us may celebrate with a small private barbecue or picnic, with proper physical distancing and face masks.  But July 4th is about more than the usual holiday hoopla and this year it offers us a perfect opportunity to reflect on our country’s 244 years of independence.  

Our Founding Fathers, in the most trying of times, and at great personal risk and peril, declared the United States a separate nation built on the promise that all people are created equal and have equal opportunity for life, liberty and happiness.  Although we have faltered many times and have yet failed to fulfill this promise, July 4th reminds us that this remains our collective responsibility.

It is time to channel our “better angels.”  The opportunity and responsibility to create a better and more united country remains.  “The course of history”, as Eleanor Roosevelt reminds us, “is directed by choices we make and our choices grow out of the ideas, the belief, the values, the dreams of the people.” 

We determine our country’s future. During this election year let’s use our voice and vote to fulfill the promises of our Founding Fathers.Be well and take heart,

Flagstaff July 4th Parade 2019…..All together in celebration of community.

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