Arizona List Endorsement

Thank you, Arizona List, for my endorsement and the endorsement of this dynamic group of local progressive Democratic women; running for state legislature, Coconino County offices and Flagstaff city council. Honored to be a part of this distinguished group.

Good evening, my name is Patrice Horstman and I am running for Coconino County Board of Supervisors District 1.  It is a great honor to be endorsed by Arizona List and to join the group of dynamic and progressive pro-choice Democratic women running for office in Arizona.  A few of these women are here to inspire us tonight.

I want to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day and a Happy birthday to Arizona. We gather here tonight because we love and care about Arizona and to recognize the Arizona women whose shoulders we all stand tall upon.  Arizona has a long history of capable and strong native and frontier women who provide leadership that has forged the character of our state. Women like Sharlot Hall, first woman to hold office in Arizona Territorial government-even before women’s suffrage.  And female Native American leaders like Annie Wauneka Dodge, a former. member of the Navajo Tribal Council and a Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree.

One of the last states to join the union, Arizona was one of the first states to pass women’s suffrage.  Frances Willard Munds, a former Prescott schoolteacher led the fight for women’s suffrage. Through her tenacious efforts, and those of the Arizona Suffrage Association, Arizona passed an initiative granting women’s right to vote-almost a decade prior to the passage of the 19th Amendment.

Ms. Munds later served as our first female state senator; the second female State Senator in US history.  We will soon be sending yet another capable and strong female Senator to the Arizona legislature when we elect our Felicia French to the state senate and when we elect our Mayor and fearless leader Coral Evans to the State House. 

Arizona sent one of the first female congresswomen to the United States Congress in 1932 by electing Isabella Greenway.  And of course, we have also sent Northern Arizona’s finest to the US House when we elected Karen English and later Ann Kirkpatrick to be our voice for change in congress. 

We have oftened turned to women to lead the state of Arizona.  Starting with Rose Mofford, Arizona has elected more female governor’s then any other state in the Union.  In 1998 we had the Fab five, when all five statewide offices were held by women. No other state has ever accomplished this.  

The fifth largest city in the United States, Phoenix, is lead by a woman, Mayor Kate Gallego. In fact, three large cities in Arizona are now being led by women mayors, including our very own Coral Evans here in Flagstaff.  And as Mayor Evans transitions as our next state representative, former vice mayor and City Council woman Jamie Whelan will be our next strong and decisive new mayor. And we will make sure that longtime community activist Becky Daggett and downtown business owner Miranda Sweet join Jamie to represent Flagstaff on the City Council.

Now our County has also for years relied on the sound judgment and strong voices of women to lead Coconino County.  Patty Hanson has been our guardian of the right to vote as our Recorder for over 24 years. Sarah Benetar has overseen our money as our County Treasurer since 2014.  Their commitment and dedication to public service keeps our County strong. Our dynamic County Board of Supervisors which includes fourth generation Flagstaff resident and the longest serving member of the Board of Supervisors, Liz Archuleta.  Chairwoman Lena Fowler has also served our County well for over a decade. It is in this distinguished company that I hope to join, and I look forward to the mentorship of these two intelligent and powerful women.

It’s clear Arizona has often turned to women to lead. We know women embrace traits like empathy and collaboration and women get things done.  As women we refuse to suppress the qualities that make us who we are, which makes us qualified to lead the charge for social, economic and legal justice.  Our work as women leaders is never done and we need to continue to fight to close the pay gap, fight for paid family leave, preserve and protect our environment and public lands, defend and ensure social security, provide universal healthcare, confront violence against women, protect women’s health and reproductive rights including the right to an abortion and promote women’s rights.

I believe my breath and depth of experience both as longtime lawyer and during my over 40 years of activism here in Coconino County make me uniquely qualified to serve as your next District 1 Supervisor.  I would urge you to vote for the women here tonight and I would certainly appreciate your vote in the upcoming Democratic primary on August 4th and the general election on November 3rd.

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