“I know Patrice to be a tireless worker, and now leader, for the people of our community and the northern Arizona lands that we cherish. It is a privilege to support her and her commitment to continuing as a member of our Board of Supervisors.”

— Bill Auberle

“I have been impressed with Patrice’s commitment and hard work on behalf of her constituents and our community.”

— Robert Breunig

“I have been very impressed with Patrice’s commitment and hard work on behalf of her constituents and our community.”

— Karen Enyedy

“As a retired fire chief for part of District 1, I’ve always appreciated Patrice’s interest in public safety. Our discussions centered around wildfire, how to best prevent it and what mitigation efforts could be accomplished before and after a wildfire.  Her direct involvement in forest restoration and flood mitigation has shown her insight and dedication to our community and I support and endorse Patrice.  She has been an outstanding public servant for our community.”

— Don Howard

“Patrice has been an active part of our community and a support for our downtown revitalization for decades. Patrice is a hard working Supervisor and I support her re-election as my Supervisor for District 1.”

— Rosie Lamberson

“Patrice Horstman has demonstrated knowledgeable and astute leadership in her role as District 1 Supervisor and during her term as Chairman of the Board.  Patrice is smart, savvy, and steady as she navigates challenging issues. Perhaps, most importantly, Supervisor Horstman actively listens and learns from her constituents to then better craft solutions and partnerships that will survive the test of time.”

— Mandy Metzger

“Through her work as County Supervisor, Patrice continues to show her deep commitment to the place we call home.”

— Lulu Santamaria

“Patrice has been a first rate Supervisor, and we fully support her re-election to another term.”

— Carl and Holly Taylor

“Patrice cares deeply and is very effective at getting things done for our community.”

— Alex Thevenin

“It is expected that our elected  officials will work hard and serve with compassion and integrity. Patrice does that as a matter of character but also brings many years of experience across the county as a professional with a desire to serve.”

— Nat White

“Ya’at’eeh greetings. My family and I have known our dear relative, Patrice, for 40+ years and regard her to be a champion for ALL relatives (people, animals, standing green nation, and the winged ones). She is compassionate and her leadership is inclusively strong. It is what our communities need. Speaking as a community member, join us in supporting Patrice in her campaign.”

— Rose Toehe

“As a former member of the Coconino County Board of Supervisors, I fully support the re-election of Patrice Horstman as the District 1 Supervisor. Her years of professional service and advocacy as well as her extensive community involvement make her well suited to represent Coconino County. Patrice is smart, hard-working, and cares about the people in District 1 and Coconino County.” 

— Paul Babbitt

“Patrice cares deeply about the issues faced by the people of Coconino County, she goes the extra mile to find solutions that will sustain families, community and place well into the future.”

— Kerry Blume

“As a former Mayor of Flagstaff, AZ, and someone with deep family roots and love for this community, I fully support Supervisor Horstman’s re-election.  She epitomizes the best of what it means to be a public servant.  She is dedicated, committed, and works hard and is a relentless advocate not only for her district but also for our County, ensuring voice and representation of all within our community.”

— Coral Evans

“Patrice has effectively responded to disasters and community needs, and I trust her to continue to meet future challenges.”

— Karen Kinne-Herman

“Patrice Horstman’s remarkable ability to be seemingly everywhere at once has made her an invaluable Board Supervisor for Coconino County. Her dedication to serving our community and her calm presence in addressing local issues make her the ideal candidate for reelection.”

— Lisa Lamberson

“We are District 1 residents and big supporters of Supervisor Patrice Horstman!”

— Wayne and Helen Ranney

“On the issues I care about, Patrice is the woman I’d want fighting on my side!  Coconino County has been lucky to have her as our advocate.”

— Cathy Small

“Patrice is a woman who walks her talk.  She is a longtime supporter of our schools, the arts and special events that enrich our Coconino and Flagstaff community.”

— Sybil Smith

As the mayor of Tusayan, I have had the opportunity to work and partner with Supervisor Horstman on numerous issues affecting rural Coconino County, including rural water management, protection of public lands, flood mitigation and more. She is a knowledgeable, caring, engaged and proven advocate for rural Coconino County. I feel that she deserves bipartisan support from all voters in her district for the incredible work that she is doing, and I am honored to endorse her.

Tusayan Mayor Clarinda Vail

“Whenever I’m traveling and driving back from Phoenix, I always am happy to see I am back in Coconino County because I know Patrice is hard at work serving the County well.”

— Harriet Young

“Henry and I have known Patrice both professionally and personally for over 40 years! In that time, she’s proven to be an honorable, trustworthy, and reliable person that truly cares deeply about our community. We will continue to support her because she supports and works hard for all of us!”

— Sam Green and Henry Taylor

“I endorse Patrice Horstman because of the leadership she has brought to our County Board of Supervisors and her commitment to serve the people of Coconino County. If you want proof, contact her office, and ask for her monthly newsletter.”

— Bryan Bates

“Patrice Horstman has been a highly effective Supervisor for Coconino County District 1 on issues such as post-wildfire flooding mitigation, commonsense STR regulations, Dark Sky protection, and strong advocacy for our community. I enthusiastically endorse her for re-election.”

— Laura Carter

“Having known Patrice for over 40 years, I know that she knows District 1 and it’s needs in and out, and she knows what it takes to make things better for our district and for the county.  She is committed to this.”

— Susie Garretson

“Patrice has an entire career behind her as a hard working attorney with experience in a wide variety of areas of law, making her invaluable to the citizens with the service she provides.  We are very fortunate to have such a knowledgeable, hardworking, dedicated community leader to represent the citizens of our county as County Supervisor.”

— Tim Kinney

“Patrice’s commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm for representing her District is unmatched!”

— Mike Loven

“Patrice  has been a resident of Flagstaff for over 53 years . Patrice’s  endless energy and love of Flagstaff is evident by her work as our country supervisor. “ 

— Jay McCarthy

“I know Patrice well and she demonstrates every day her tireless advocacy for her community and her County. Her good judgment and her emphasis upon the common welfare make her a force for the people she serves. I am happy to endorse her candidacy and look forward to working with her in the future”.

— Bill Ring, Coconino County Attorney

“I highly endorse Patrice for her re-election. She has served the community well.”

— Bob Tures

“I’ve worked with Patrice for many years on behalf of our downtown businesses and neighborhood. As the county Supervisor representing downtown, Patrice continues to advocate for a vibrant, safe, and family friendly downtown. I wholehearted my support Patrice for re-election!”

— John VanLandingham

“We strongly endorse Patrice Horstman for Coconino County Supervisor. As residents of Grand Canyon, we have witnessed her unwavering dedication to rural Arizona community solutions. She has helped bring awareness to the needs of our rural residents, actively building partnerships and facilitating conversations for creative solutions to the unique challenges of the greater Grand Canyon community.”

— Matt and Jeanne Yost, Grand Canyon

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