February 2020 Newsletter

The Board of Supervisors Provides a Wide Range of Services To Our Community

I am pleased to let you know that I received the endorsement of Arizona List, an organization working to elect progressive pro-choice women and advance women’s rights. I am grateful for their support.  

I so appreciate your continued support for my campaign. While meeting with people in District One, I am often asked to describe the role of a Supervisor. Decisions made by the County Board of Supervisors have a direct impact on our daily lives. The Board of Supervisors acts in a capacity similar to a city council for the unincorporated parts of the County and is responsible for County Departments, the County Budget, and decisions which impact the entire County. 

The Board of Supervisors provides a wide range of services to our community. Everything from public safety to criminal justice, animal welfare, parks and recreation, roads, transportation planning and health and human services. The Board works in collaboration with other elected County officers, including; Sheriff, Assessor, Recorder/Elections, Treasurer, County Attorney, County Superintendent of Schools and the Courts. Supervisors also oversee Special Districts including Flood Control Districts, Jail District, Public Health District and Library District.  

The Board of Supervisors also set the property tax rates for the County and provides fiscal management of the 215 million dollar County Budget. The Supervisors’ decisions directly affect the quality of life for all Coconino County residents and the services provided to our residents influence why people, companies and businesses choose to locate and live here. 

I look forward to serving you as your District One Supervisor and working with the other Supervisors to make decisions that benefit us all.  

As a long time county resident and former Supervisor of District 1, I highly support Patrice Horstman to be our next Supervisor. Patrice has the intellect and breadth and depth of experiences to provide the leadership necessary to lead Coconino County into the next decade. 
Carl Taylor.

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