January 2020 Newsletter


As we enter 2020, it is important to remember that you can make a difference in your community, help shape a child’s future, and reduce your 2019 Arizona state income taxes. Arizona offers a dollar for dollar tax credit on your state taxes for donations made to public schools/public charter schools and for qualifying nonprofits. You have until April 15th of this year to donate and qualify for the tax credit on your 2019 state taxes.Arizona recognizes three tax credits, each benefiting our community and allowing you to reduce your Arizona income taxes. These  include donations to local 501(c)3 nonprofits that qualify for the following tax credits:
1.  Working Poor– up to $400 per person and your donation serves low income people. 
2.  Foster care– up to $500 per person and your donation supports foster children. 
3.  Public School tax credit– up to $200 per person donation to public schools or public charter schools.  This allows you to give to your child’s state school or any Arizona public school/ public charter school.

For a list of qualifying charitable organization go to:

Or call your favorite local nonprofit to see if they qualify. 

Disclaimer: This is not intended to provide tax or legal advise. Please consult your tax advisor for tax or legal advise. 

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