June 2020 Newsletter

I have wrestled with how to address the killing of George Floyd and the anger and frustration caused by our Nation’s unaddressed racial oppression and inequalities. Coconino County prides itself as a community of diverse people and cultures.  Our love of community mandates that we continue working to end this systemic racism and be a voice for equal justice.  We cannot be silent.  As Dr. Martin Luther King stated “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. “

Local government plays a key role in promoting and protecting human rights by supplying a social safety net, fair policing, ensuring economic and criminal justice and providing leadership in building communities of equal opportunity. Our differences and the color of our skin cannot divide us or limit access to the American promise of freedom and justice.  

Coconino County government is accountable for its actions and choices.  I am committed to ending polarization and creating a community that lives the values of diversity and inclusion and respects the humanity of each of us.

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