May 2020 Newsletter

Local Businesses Reflect the Character of the Place We Call Home

Our local businesses reflect the character of the place we call home.  Our pet friendly shops, artist galleries, handcrafted brews, outdoor gear, sustainable clothing, neighborhood coffee shops, and a wide choice of family owned eateries exemplify our community values. The shut down of our economy due to the coronavirus has presented hardships and challenges to our business community. True, to the indomitable spirit of this mountain town, our proprietors have adopted creative ways to continue serving our community and keeping their businesses afloat.

For example, downtown boutique, Rainbows End, offers unique women’s fashions and accessories; now through a virtual personal shopper experience. This allows its’ clientele individual attention so shoppers can, virtually, find the perfect dress or hat for any occasion.  Downtown business, Mountain Sports has teamed up with Shift New American Restaurant to combine a personal shopping experience for the latest sustainable clothing and gear while sipping a handcrafted Shift cocktail.  Flagstaff’s long standing purveyor of Native American Art and Southwest botanicals and tinctures, Winter Sun, offers one of the largest selections of organic and wild crafted herbs found anywhere in the Southwest. All through convient curbside delivery.  

Time and space limit mentioning the many fine local establishments found in our town. I will conclude with two more Flagstaff favorites, Salsa Brava and Fat Olives. These two restaurants share the love through some of the finest Mexican inspired and Italian food found anywhere.  Orders and sanitary curbside delivery of owner and Guy Fieri acclaimed chef, John Conley’s recipes can be had five days a week from 3-8. 
Please add your favorite shops and restaurants and share your recommendations with your friends and neighbors.  Buying local from our numerous shops and ordering from our family owned restaurants has never been more important.  Our businesses are committed to to acting responsibly and observing health and safety guidelines.  Let’s keep our hard earned money within our community while promoting local shops and employment.  Please check out the Open for Business app at or or call you favorite local shop.   Together we get through this. 

Be well, take heart.

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