PRESS RELEASE:Coconino County Supervisor Patrice Horstman Launches Re-election Campaign FLAGSTAFF, Arizona

Supervisor Patrice Horstman is seeking re-election to the Coconino County Board of Supervisors, District One. Horstman was elected to the Board of Supervisors in 2020 and served as Chair of the Board from February 2021 through August 2023. Her first term as Supervisor was marked by community emergencies including responses to the worldwide COVID crisis, and the Museum Fire’s post wildfire flooding in the Paradise, Grandview, and Sunnyside neighborhoods. Last year’s Tunnel and Pipeline fires resulted in more than 50 separate flooding events including the west Schultz Creek neighborhood. Through these emergencies, and as Chair of the Board, Horstman provided leadership and information, comfort, support, and services to the community.

“I am so proud of how our communities came together throughout these crises. Our Coconino County staff and the Board of Supervisors brought stability, assistance, and services during these challenging times. The County’s robust pandemic response including Arizona’s first drive-up testing and vaccine distribution truly saved lives across our county,” Horstman stated.

During the wildfires and floods, Coconino County worked in collaboration with volunteers and many local nonprofit organizations to maintain a social safety net of food, shelter, and services. Within a year of the Tunnel/ Pipeline Fire, the County developed flood-mitigation plans, obtained close to one hundred million dollars in federal flood funding, and immediately launched flood-mitigation projects in the County’s devastated neighborhoods. Most flood- mitigation projects were completed before the 2023 monsoon season. Horstman noted, “the speed in which the County delivered on these flood-mitigation projects, which offer flood protection in our devastated communities, is a feat rarely equaled in local government. We have been amazingly successful in securing critical federal resources and effectively deploying those sources where they are most needed. All of this has been accomplished while continuing to meet Coconino County’s on-going responsibilities with a balanced budget every year of my service.”

“The County’s response to various emergencies the last few years, and the expediency with which it completed the flood mitigation projects, speaks to the leadership and advocacy of Chair Horstman and the Board,” stated Arizona Raft Adventures co-owner Alexandra Thevenin.

Horstman was actively engaged in the development and passage of the Coconino County Renewable Energy Ordinance and took the lead in the County’s recently passed Short Term Rental Ordinance. In addition to County work, Horstman has championed and impacted public land management practices. She has taken a leadership role in The National Association of Counties (NACo), serving on the Public Lands Steering Committee and the Western Interstate Region Board for western land issues. Horstman assumed an advocacy role urging President Biden’s designation of the Baaj Nwaavjo I’Tah Kukveni – Ancestral Footprints of the Grand Canyon National Monument. Recently, U. S. Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland appointed Supervisor Horstman to the Arizona Resource Advisory Council responsible for advising the Bureau of Land Management on how to properly manage resources and land encompassing 48 million acres in Arizona. Horstman provides a local voice for Coconino County residents in regards to managing public lands.

“I look forward to continuing to serve my District and Coconino County as District 1 Supervisor. Together we foster the communities where we want to live, and where we want to raise our children,” Horstman said. “With the continued support of our community, I look forward to working together for Coconino County’s bright future.”

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Kerry Blume

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