DIVERSITY:  It is the diversity of our people and culture that makes us strong as a community. I stand for equal opportunity, inclusion, and access, regardless of gender, nationality, religion, or the color of one’s skin. I stand for a woman’s right to choose. I believe that abortion rights are a woman’s healthcare rights. I stand for LGBTQ rights. No one should be discriminated against or shunned, because of who they choose to love or what gender they claim.

ELECTIONS: As your Supervisor it is my responsibility to ensure accurate, fair, and transparent elections. My colleagues and I on the Board of Supervisors unanimously certified our 2022 election without turmoil and we tolerated no voter intimidation, threats, or efforts to subvert the voting process.

COVID RESPONSE: Coconino County and the Board of Supervisors set the standards for the state through the County’s drive-up COVID testing and vaccine distribution. The County’s robust response truly saved lives.

SOCIAL SAFETY NET: With a coalition of our area’s nonprofits and led by Coconino County and United Way of Northern Arizona, I was part of the COVID-19 Social Safety-Net Coalition. The coalition fortifying existing service providers and addressed demands for housing, food, and emergency cash assistance needs throughout our vast County.

ARPA: As Chair of the Board I was actively engaged in the distribution of the County’s ARPA funds including funding the County COVID health response, replacing County lost revenue, investing in behavioral and mental healthcare programs, improving the justice system and reducing court backlog by authorizing another Superior Court Division, and awarding $5 million in ARPA funds to 19 qualified community organizations for direct services to address needs outside the scope of the County’s capacity.

BALANCED BUDGET: During my tenure on the Board, the County has maintained a balanced budget while providing essential services and programs throughout the County.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE: One of a Supervisor’s main responsibilities is to be vigilant for the health and safety of the people of the County. The Supervisors have worked diligently and in coordination across County departments, the County Sheriff’s office, and the County’s Emergency Management team to build cross-jurisdiction partnerships to swiftly and appropriately respond to emergencies across Coconino County. During my tenure this included the Board’s passage of an Emergency Operations Plan, Emergency Evacuation Zones, and instituting emergency notification systems. Recently the County and City of Flagstaff completed a flash flood siren system along Spruce Wash.

STEWARDSHIP: Engaging stewardship of sacred and culturally significant spaces, public lands, sustainability programs, and open spaces through forming partnerships with the city of Flagstaff, Tribal Nations, the U.S. Forest Service, and Grand Canyon National Park.

WATER SUSTAINABILITY: Among other water-conservation and sustainability issues, I am active on the Rural Arizona Water Working Group promoting groundwater reforms in Arizona and lobbying the state legislature for the creation of rural water stewardship laws to allow rural Arizona the authority to manage and conserve our groundwater.

PUBLIC LANDS: Advocacy for public lands led to my election as the Arizona representative (alternate) on the National Association of County Officials (NACo) Western Interstate Region (WIR) Board representing the 15 western states on public land and western land issues, representing Coconino County on the NACo Public Land steering committee, and being appointed vice chair of the NACo Outdoor Recreation subcommittee. 

CHAMPIONING GRAND CANYON NATIONAL MONUMENT:  My advocacy for public land stewardship includes promoting our outdoor recreation/tourist economy and championing for the successful creation of the Baja Nwaavjo I’Tah Kukveni Grand Canyon National Monument which forever protects the greater Grand Canyon National Park region from the dangers of uranium mining.

RENEWABLE ENERGY: I am committed to engaging in efforts to mitigate climate change, including through solar and wind energy investments. I was intricately involved in the development and passage of the County’s Renewable Energy Ordinance.

FLOOD MITIGATION: My term in office was marked by post Museum Fire flooding, two wildfires (Tunnel and Pipeline) and over 50 separate post wildfire flooding in neighborhoods on the west side along Highway 180 and on the east side along State Highway 89, the County received over $100 million of Federal assistance needed to complete vital flood-mitigation and watershed restoration projects.

FOREST RESTORATION: Forest restoration and restoring forest health remains one of my top priorities. As a member of the Four Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI) stakeholder group, I am actively engaged in collaboration with a broad group of federal, state, business, forest industries, environmental organizations, and conservation groups. 4FRI is committed to landscape scale forest restoration across Arizona’s four northern national forests. This includes the Coconino and Kaibab national forests. Large scale forest restoration is necessary to meet President Biden’s commitment to restore healthy forests and reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires across the West and across our country.

COCONINO NATIONAL FOREST: Through the Board of Supervisors and FCD advocacy, the Coconino National Forest has been designated a priority landscape under Biden’s Wildfire Crisis Strategy. This has released $45 million federal dollars for the Coconino National Forest Service for priority thinning on the Coconino. I continue to work closely with the Forest Service and the FCD to prioritize the upper Rio de Flag watershed and start landscape scale thinning.

PRIORITIZING THE UPPER RIO: Working as the FCD Board, I championed the FCD contribution of $33 million of County FCD funds to be utilized over 3 years to assist with steep slope forest thinning projects in the upper Rio de Flag basin on the west side of the San Francisco Peaks.

BUILDING RESILIENT COMMUNITIES: Coconino County is an at-risk community with a wildfire potential for wildfire risk and post wildfire flooding. Therefore, it is important that Coconino County develop a County-wide wildfire protection plan and apply for funding under the Federal Community Wildfire Defense Grant program to help our communities in the Wildland Urban interface (WUI) and create fire adapted communities and improve wildfire response in the WUI.

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