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September 2020 Newsletter

2020 is our year for optimism… LET’S GET OUT THE VOTE!

Photo taken pre COVID with LD 6 candidate for AZ House, Coral Evans and AZ Senate candidate, Felicia French

In 2019 a strong group of Democratic candidates hit the campaign trail with enthusiasm and hope for change in 2020.   We met many of you and sought your thoughts for a shared future.  We also shared our visions as your elected public servants. Our face to face interactions and campaigning changed early this year when COVID and personal and community safety required a virtual campaign style.  But our passion to lead and serve is even stronger because the stakes in 2020 are even greater.

Inaccessible healthcare, declining public education, climate and environmental destruction, selling public lands, an unfair economy destroying small businesses, racial injustice, gender inequality, LGBTQ discrimination and hatred and bigotry are not the American Way. A compassionate America of equal opportunity is within our grasp in 2020. 

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will restore sanity and decency to the White House and allow America to again be a beacon of freedom for the world. Mark Kelly‘s mission for Arizona will provide strong and committed leadership in the United States Senate.  Kelly will join our Congressman Tom O”Halleran, to lead our country into a better tomorrow.  Flagstaff’s own Coral Evans and Art Babbott, along with Felicia French, bring renewed hope and opportunity for LD6 and the Arizona Legislature.  They are committed to public education and Arizona families. I’d also appreciate your vote to be your Supervisor for Coconino County District 1.

In less than 60 days we can change the trajectories of our nation and our state.  It is time to ignite our fight against climate change, rebuild our economy, restore compassionate leadership, address systemic racism and marshal science and common sense to manage the COVID pandemic. But hope alone is not enough. Optimism fuels our determined action for change and we must VOTE! Make sure you and your family and neighbors are registered. Sign up for an early ballot by October 23rd and mail in your ballot early, no later than October 27th!  Volunteer and help get out the vote by going to:

Together we VOTE to build our future. Remember to wear your mask, maintain physical distance, and be kind.

Be well, take heart.

Below are important voting dates:


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